Gemile Beach Lodge...

Aşkla yoğrulmuş bir uyumlanma öyküsüdür Gemile. Sevgiyle pişirilip sunulan yemeklerden, çalınan söylenen müziklere kadar eşsiz Kabak doğasını yansıtmaya duyulan özlemdir. Birbirini sevmeye hazır insanların buluşma kaynaşma noktasıdır. Sağında solunda çam ormanları, karşısında yüce bir anıt gibi yükselen Yıldız Dağı, önünde tertemiz deniz yer alır. Ve herkes hayran kalır.

Luxury Bungalows

Patara, Kadianda, Ksantos, Pınara, Mira, Sura

Fine details are thought out, comfortable rooms

Sea view, private terrace, double bed, shower and toilet, breakfast, dinner.

Rooms View

Letoon Rooms

Letoon 1, 2, 3, 4

4 with shower, toilet Guesthouse rooms

Your Views, too, with a private terrace and a Double bed, shower and toilet, breakfast, dinner,

Rooms View

Luxury Tent

Understanding The New Tent

Large interior space, comfortable bed and comfortable holiday house in a tent with lighting and outlet are contained within.

Nature view, large internal volume, double beds, Lighting, breakfast, dinner.

Tent view

Standard Tents

Nature View

Spacious interior area and a comfortable bed

Nature view, large internal volume, double bed, shared shower-WC, breakfast, dinner.

Tent view

Own Tent

Your private areas

Those who want to vacation with their tent.

Nature View, Shared Shower, Shared Toilet, Breakfast, Dinner, Tent Area.


Gemile Beach Lodge

In the shores of the sea, surrounded by incredible views of the forest, awaits guests at the new site packed with innovations ...

Bar and Music

Our wonderful decked Bohemian styled bar and music area offers a relaxing resting space to take in the views and of an evening watch the amazing sunsets. Whilst taking in the atmosphere listen to our playlist of Kabak Connection. Enjoy local and international brands of alcoholic beverages and cocktails, fresh fruit juices and a choice of bottled soft drinks.


A rich locally sourced, all day Al a carte menu is offered along side a variety filled fresh breakfast served between 8am to 10am. Evening meal is served between 8pm to 10pm offering a delicious home cooked selection.

Activities and Massage

There is an array of activities according to your preference. Visit Butterfly Valley, the local Waterfalls or take a boat ride along the shoreline to secluded coves. Our incomparable massage space in the lap of nature within the Secret Garden offers complete relaxation. You will be surrounded by peace and tranquility.


Accommodation prices announced are ONLY VALID for cash payments. Credit Card and Bank Card payments carry an 8% commission charge.